6 Weeks to Sleek


6 Weeks to Sleek


  • 6 hour-long individual nutritional counseling sessions with Tara,
    one each week ($600 value)
  • 6 hour-long “Cardio Sculpt” classes each Thursday at 7 p.m. at Align Wellness Studio
    ($120 value)
  • A 60 minute detoxifying and therapeutic massage or 60 minute acupuncture session at Align Wellness Studio ($95 value)
  • A 6-day guided clean food program from Highway 2 Well ($50 value)
  • Moon Juice Action Dust, an athletic, adaptogenic potion to regulate the body’s vital energy, healthy metabolic function and maximize your ability to withstand stress and injury
    ($55 value)


  • Add on 5 days of organic and plant-based meals delivered to your doorstep

As a busy mom of four, I always put my family’s needs before my own. The result was that I was overeating, stressed and exhausted. During Highway 2 Well’s 6 WEEKS TO SLEEK, Tara guided me every step of the way, helped me set realistic goals, and completely transformed my relationship with food. I continued my weight loss journey with Tara past the 6 weeks and have lost a total of 50 pounds. I expected to lose weight on Tara’s program, but I did not expect it to have the impact that it has had on my overall wellbeing. Just weeks into the program, I felt better both mentally and physically than I had in a decade.”

ANONYMOUS | Attorney and Mom of 4